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How do I create an account on Miles Attack?

It's simple and quick! Register in a few minutes by completing the registration form available on this link.
You will receive up to 1,000 MILES as a welcome and can therefore start accumulating other MILES with our partners! The beginning of a great adventure!


Is it possible to have a single account per agency?

This is possible even if it is strongly recommended to have one individual and personal account per travel professional.

The creation of a personal account will allow you to accumulate information MILES when you register, but also with all your declared reservations and on each activity (quiz, e-learning, booster...) in which you will participate. For example, if you only have one agency account, you will only be entitled to ONE entry per quiz, whereas if you have several personal accounts in the same agency, you can enter several times and earn points several times.

You can also keep the same Miles Attack account throughout your career, whether you change agencies or not.
Your personal account will not prevent you from sharing your MILES with your colleagues Miles Attackers thanks to the MILES transfer tool, accessible directly from your Miles Attack account, in the "My profile” section, "Offer MILES“ tab. 


How can I unsubscribe from the Miles Attack programme?

Send your unsubscription request by email to info.uk@milesattack.com, specifying the reasons why you wish to unsubscribe.


How do I recommend a colleague?

Go to your Miles Attack account, in the "My profile” section, in the "Sponsorship” tab. 

Enter the name and email address of the colleague you wish to recommend and click on "Validate".

Your sponsee will receive an email containing a link that he will have to click on to register for the Miles Attack programme. 
The sponsorship link in this email is valid for 6 months.

The sponsorship will be validated and your account will be credited with 1000 MILES once your sponsee has validated a sale on his account. 

Be careful, once registered via your sponsorship link, your colleague has one year to validate a sale of a partner on his account. After this period, the sponsorship MILES will be refused.

You can recommend as many colleagues as you wish.


My colleague's sponsorship is not yet validated, why?

You can follow the status of your sponsee's sponsorship at any time in the table at the bottom of the "Sponsorship" page, accessible from the "My Profile" section.
If you have not yet received the sponsorship MILES, it means:
- that your colleague has not yet registered via the sponsorship link located in the email you sent him/her. You can send this email directly from the sponsorship tracking table. 
- or your colleague has not yet validated a partner sale on his/her account.


How do I keep my Miles Attack account if I change travel agencies?

Your Miles Attack account is personal, it follows you throughout your career regardless of whether or not you change agency.
To ensure that you always receive information from Miles Attack, make sure you regularly update the "My Profile" section, the "My Profile" tab, including your personal email address and telephone number.


How do I update my profile?

If your career path changes, you must update your profile.
To do this, go to the "My profile" section of the Miles Attack "My profile" tab on the website. 
Only your login cannot be changed. 


I can't remember my password.

If you can't remember your password, click on the "Forgotten Password" link on the login page. 
You will receive an email that will allow you to reset your password. Be careful, you can only receive this email on the email address that is indicated on your Miles Attack profile.


The message "your account is disabled" is displayed when I want to log in.

Your account may have been deactivated because you have not performed any action on it for 2 years.
To reactivate your account, send an email to info.uk@milesattack.com.

What do the different MILES statuses mean?

There are 3 statuses of MILES on Miles Attack:

  • "In progress": this means that the MILES are being validated by our partners. The latter will proceed to validate your MILES when the booking to which they are assigned will be travelled by the final customer or when your sponsee has validated your sponsorship.
  • "Validated" or "to be spent": this means that the MILES are permanently acquired and that you can spend them at any time.
  • "Cancelled or refused": this means that the MILES will not be credited to your account either because the booking to which they were assigned has been cancelled, or because the number of the booking declared is incorrect or because your sponsee has not validated his sponsorship.


How long are my MILES valid?

The MILES are valid for the rest of the current year and the following calendar year. For example, MILES validated on 01/06/2025 will be valid until 31/12/2026.
Find your number of MILES to be spent at any time before 31 December under your MILES counter in the "My profile" section, "My history" - "To be spent” tab.


Can you cumulate MILES between colleagues?

This is possible by grouping the MILES of several accounts into a single account! To do this, simply use the transfer tool MILES, accessible directly from your Miles Attack account, under the "My profile” section, "Offer MILES“ tab.

Warning, you can only transfer MILES after you have accumulated a minimum of 5,000 MILES to spend on your account, at least 1 of which is MILES obtained through one of the programme partners.


Is there a cap on the number of MILES ?

There is no cap so don't hesitate, do your best to become the "record holder" for winning MILES!


How can I accumulate MILES?

There are many ways to accumulate MILES:

REGISTER on the Miles Attack programme and complete your profile 100%. Hey presto, 1,000 MILES in a few clicks, naturally, it's a gift!

SELL the Miles Attack programme partners and earn MILES on all your booking!
Depending on the partners, you can:
- either enter your Miles Attack 4-letter code directly on the partner's website when booking in a field provided for this purpose
- or declare the number of the booking sold on Miles Attack, on the "Declare your reservations" page
Sometimes both options are possible depending on the partners.
Tip: find all the partner booking declaration information on MILES the Daily page of each of our partners

PARTICIPATE in the special activities available on the Miles Attack website!
Always be on the lookout for our newsletters, they always bear good tidings for your MILES counters.

RECOMMEND your travel professional colleagues.
Keep in mind, each reoommended colleague who registers and validates at least one partner booking allows you to earn 1,000 MILES!
Don’t wait any longer to tell all your travel professional friends about the programme.


Where can I see how many MILES I have in my account?

From any page on the website, you can find the number of MILES "in progress" and "to be spent" in the grey bar at the top of the website. 
You can also find your MILES counter on your MILES history, which includes all the actions performed on your Miles Attack account since your registration. 
You can access your MILES history by clicking on the number of MILES in the grey bar at the top of the website, or by going to the "My Profile" section, "My History” tab.


I can't place an order.

You cannot place an order if you have not declared and validated at least one booking on behalf of a partner.


Can I cancel my order?

Once your order has been confirmed, it is normally not possible to cancel it. However, you can send us an email at info.uk@milesattack.com, and we will try to accommodate your request.


Who should I contact if I do not receive my Amazon or Teldar Travel gift voucher?

You can contact the Amazon and Teldar Travel gift voucher teams at info.uk@milesattack.com.


ALL - Accor Live Limitless: who should I contact if I do not receive my Rewards points on my account?

For the MILES conversion into ALL - Accor Live Limitless Rewards points, allow 48 hours for your Rewards points to appear on your ALL - Accor Live Limitless.
If you have a problem, you can contact the Miles Attack teams at the following address: info.uk@milesattack.com.


ALL - Accor Live Limitless: how can I convert my MILES into ALL - Accor Live Limitless Rewards points?

To do this, simply go to the "Burn my MILES" section - "ALL - Accor Live Limitless" in your Miles Attack account.
You will first have to indicate the number of MILES you wish to convert before entering ALL - Accor Limite Limitless account number on which you wish to credit the new Rewards points.


Where can I find all my declared bookings?

You can find all your reservations in the table of your MILES history, which includes all the actions performed on your Miles Attack account since your registration. 
You can access your MILES history by clicking on the number of MILES in the grey bar at the top of the website, or by going to the "My Profile" section, "My History” tab.


When I try to save my reservations on Miles Attack, why do they come back with the status "refused"?

Reservations eligible for the Miles Attack programme are those made:

  • since your enrolment in the programme
  • since the partner's integration into the programme
  • within one year after your reservation.

If your reservations do not comply with these conditions, they will automatically be refused by Miles Attack. 

It is also possible that your reservation may be refused by the partner:

  • if the reservation number is not a valid or existing reservation number 
  • if the reservation has been cancelled or the customers never left
  • if the reservation does not fit into the partner' MILES award criteria.


Why have my MILES not been validated when I have saved them?

It is important to know that your MILES have 3 possible statuses:

  • In progress
  • Validated
  • Cancelled/refused

Your MILES are "in progress" as soon as you save your reservations.
They transition to the "to be spent" status the day after the check-in or check-out date of your reservation (this varies according to the partner).
They are cancelled or refused if their dates do not correspond to the requirements of the programme (booking sold before your registration to Miles Attack, booking established before the partner joined the Miles Attack programme etc.), if the number is not a valid number with the partner or if the booking has been cancelled.


My booking is still "in progress" but the customers' departure date has passed.

For some partners, reservations are not updated automatically. In this case, it is possible that there may be a few days’ delays between your customers' departure date and the validation of the booking, while the partner updates the reservations on Miles Attack.


Why does the message "booking already declared" appear when I want to declare a booking on my account when I am sure I have never declared it?

This means that the booking you are trying to declare has already been declared on another Miles Attack account. 

First check that the booking number you are trying to declare is the correct booking number. 
Also make sure that it was you who sold the booking to the customer, not one of your colleagues. 
Then check if you have not already reported this booking number in the past. To do this, you can go to your history from MILES (here), and search by filter, by partner or by folder number. 
You can also ask your colleagues Miles Attackers if they are not the ones who mistakenly declared this booking. 

After these checks, if you are still having problems, send an email to info.uk@milesattack.com indicating the booking number and the partner concerned.


How long do I have to declare a booking on Miles Attack?

You have one year after the reservation date of the booking to declare it on Miles Attack. After this period, the reservation will be automatically refused.


When will I be informed of the launch of a Special activity?

Find all the Miles Attack news, including Activities, on the homepage of the website
in the "EARN MILES" tab
on each of our partners' pages.

And, above all, always remember to have a valid email address in the "My profile" section. Indeed, each activity is reported in a newsletter when it is launched.


I didn't receive the extra MILES for a booking that should have had a booster.

The MILES boosters are indicated on your history from MILES, on a line other than the basic MILES reservations. If your reservation has a booster, you will therefore have one line with the MILES basic reservation and another line with the additional MILES boosters. 

So first check that you don't have this line in your MILES (here) history. You can search by booking number for convenience. 

If this is not the case, also consider checking the conditions of the booster. Perhaps your reservation does not meet the criteria of the booster. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email at info.uk@milesattack.com specifying the reservation number, the partner and the booster concerned. We will answer you as soon as possible.


I participated in a quiz/e-learning/survey but I didn't get the MILES.

There may be several reasons:

  • you did not get 100% correct answers to the Activity, and therefore cannot benefit from the MILES
  • all the MILES for this Activity have already been assigned. Unfortunately, you are not among the first winners.
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